Breton Bay Open

Breton Bay Open Tennis Tournament

It’s soon time for the 2019 Breton Bay Open Tennis Tournament!  Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27, at Breton Bay Golf and Country Club. For adult players and experienced high school players. All the usual events (singles, doubles, mixed doubles) at all the key levels as numbers permit (3.5, 4.0 and 4.5).  Singles events begin Saturday, and doubles events usually don’t begin until Sunday.  Players and their immediate family get pool privileges all weekend, win or lose. Registration is easy.  Just email your info, and pay at your first match.  But the registration deadline is Wednesday May 22 at 9 PM. For details and how to register, please review the below flyer.  For additional questions, contact Russ Carrington, Tournament Director 240-925-8068




NEW REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: There is no longer an official registration form. To register, you must email the below information by Wednesday, May 22 at 9PM to Russ Carrington, Tournament Director ( Absolutely no entries allowed once the draws have been made. Your registration email must include:

  • Your name, age and gender
  • Two phone numbers, including a cell number
  • Your estimated USTA level (if not known by tournament director)
  • The events you want to enter
  • Your doubles partner for each doubles event, and their phone numbers

Players pay for events at the tournament site prior to first match, by cash or check.

**Checks should be made out to “Russ Carrington”.


    • For nonmembers as well as members of the club. Members receive one event for free. USTA membership is not required, and this is not a sanctioned tournament.
    • For adults and experienced high school players
    • Due to the possible impact of rain on start times, special requests for start times cannot be honored. However, doubles events won’t begin until Sunday unless one or two preliminary matches are needed for late Saturday.       Matches could begin as early as 8AM, and conclude as late as 8PM.
  • Rain Dates, if necessary: #1 is the next Saturday. #2 is the next Sunday. Official rain dates must be used unless opponents and Tournament Director can agree on an earlier date.
  • You will be contacted by phone or email with your start times, by the Friday before tournament.
  • Tournament participants and their immediate family may use pool the entire weekend.

EVENTS (You may sign up for any two. With Tournament Director’s permission, you may sign up for three. You may only sign up for one singles event unless you get prior permission.)

Open Singles (4.5 and higher); $25 per player Open Singles (4.0 and higher); $20
4.0 Singles; $25 per player
3.5 Singles; $25 per player B Singles (3.5 and lower); $20
Open Doubles (8.0 total and higher); $20 per player Open Doubles (8.0 and higher); $10 per player
B Doubles (7.5 total and lower); $20 per player B Doubles (7.5 and lower); $10 per player
Open Mixed Doubles (8.0 and higher); $20 per player
B Mixed Doubles (7.5 and lower); $20 per player

Primary Contact Person for Questions, Registrations:
Russ Carrington, Tournament Director;    240-925-8068

Secondary Contact Person
Tyler Robinson, Assistant Tournament Director; 240-925-2671

Note: all questions and registrations should be directed to Russ Carrington

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